2022 Pilot Mentorship Program

CRE Minority Mentorship Program


Mentor relationships are very helpful to anyone’s professional development, which is why AAREP ATL is heavily invested in offering mentorship opportunities to our members.  We will announce our 6-month inaugural 2022/2023 CRE Minority Mentorship Program participants on October 17th 2022.  Applications close on September 23rd 2022.

Program Benefits

AAREP ATL Mentorship Program participants will:

  • Expand business development opportunities in the commercial real estate industry
  • Benefit from the broadened knowledge base of program participants
  • The commercial real estate industry and community-at-large will benefit from developing new leaders ready to tackle industry issues

We are seeking mentors in various areas within CRE which we will pair with mentees who are on the path to excellence within their respective and corresponding industry niche. Below are the prerequisites for candidacy.  


What we need from you:
Personal Commitment
You are committed to your mentee’s growth, development, and expansion of their network in the Commercial Real Estate landscape.  You will choose a cadence that works for the both of you, and commit to meeting in-person a minimum of once per month.
Industry Knowledge
You have the job knowledge necessary to help the mentee navigate the CRE industry.  You are willing to develop through guidance, feedback, and appropriate direction.
Throughout your career you have been known to be honest, have high integrity and respect for others.  
You demonstrate effective communication skills both verbally and written.  You understand how important it is to be willing to communicate failures as well as successes.  
Previous Experience
You have been a mentor in the past, you have been in the CRE industry a minimum of 5 years, and you have demonstrated industry success and presence.



Goal 5,000


Mentee Candidates

The ideal candidate for this scholarship is:

  • Is a Member of AAREP
  • Serves on one of our committees
  • Regularly attends AAREP ATL events
  • Has a minimum of 2 years industry experience

Mentees are expected to drive the relationship.  It is important for mentees to be prepared for all meetings.  Mentees should email an agenda to their mentors before every scheduled meeting, and they should bring a hard copy for themselves as well as one for their mentors when they meet in person.  Mentees are also required to lead the progress reporting process in order to keep both the mentee and mentor within the required guidelines of the program.

*Friends of AAREP ATL members must provide evidence of a minimum of 2 years experience in CRE before applying for mentorship candidacy.
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