Friends of AAREP ATL

From Houses to Skylines


AAREP ATL is an organization that solely serves commercial real estate professionals, but we are aware that we would miss the mark if we did not recognize the immense minority talent pool available within the residential sector of real estate.  The Friends of AAREP ATL program is designed to provide residential real estate agents an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of commercial real estate before they transition over.


If you are serious about transitioning to the commercial real estate industry and you have an interest in joining AAREP ATL, there is an opportunity for you to join the organization as a Friend of AAREP ATL. You must fill out an application and complete the following coursework before your membership application will be considered.

Click on the course name to learn more about each class.


Upon completion of the coursework, applicants are required to do the following:

  • Fill out the General Membership application and indicate that you are applying as a Friend of AAREP ATL
  • Upload your 3 course certificates of completion
  • Pay your membership dues
  • Join a committee

CRE Video Resources

*The Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate and Foundations of Real Estate Finance count toward your continuing education credits.
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